Get the education, materials and support you need to help your preschooler learn phonics and start reading!

You can get started for FREE with the first activity in the learning sequence.

THE PLAYFUL PATH TO READING™ will guide you through the steps from pre-reading to early reading so you feel confident about getting started and going at your child's own pace.

Video training on the learning sequence so you understand the big picture.

Step-by-step scripts for 30+ activities to develop pre-reading and early reading skills in a way that's developmentally appropriate for preschoolers.

Complete set of printable PDF materials.

Ongoing support when you need extra encouragement and guidance.

Peace of mind! No more wondering if you're doing enough or guessing what comes next. You'll feel so much more relaxed when you have a clear plan to follow!

Hi! I'm Lisa Adele. 

I created The Playful Path to Reading™ because I know from my experience as an AMI-trained Montessori teacher that learning to read can be a joyful process of discovery for 3-6 year old children who have solid pre-reading skills. I want to show you how to make this happen for your child at home using my child-led learning framework and developmentally appropriate phonics activities.


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